‘Fighting for Recovery’ Light of Recovery Podcast #4


We’re back on air with our latest podcast titled ‘Fighting for Recovery’ featuring trainer, boxer, motivational speaker, vocalist, and justice advocate, Robert Vega, Jr! You can tune in to the podcast at our Soundcloud page soundcloud.com/recoveryelpaso. The podcast is brought to you by the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation which celebrates stories of recovery. We hope you enjoy and please do pass the word. We’d also love to hear your thoughts and questions in response to the podcast at our social media Facebook and Twitter. More details about the podcast are featured at the link above! Thank you!

Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation Newsletter July 2017

Our latest newsletter is out for the summer! This newsletter focuses on our experience in July at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals #NADCP17 Advancing Justice Conference.  Throughout our website and social media Twitter and Facebook you will find many photographs from the event. In addition we’re planning a future Light of Recovery podcast reflecting on the the conference and the Board President’s recovery testimony which he delivered in front of thousands of people at the National Harbor.  More details are included in the newsletter below! To sign up for our mailing list please email us your first and last name and primary email contact at recoveryelpaso@gmail.com.  Thank you!

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NADCP 2017 Advancing Justice Conference



May 3, 2017 Celebration


Celebration Honoring the El Paso DWI Drug Court
Intervention and Treatment Program

On May 3, 2017, the El Paso County Commissioner’s Court celebrated the accomplishments of the El Paso DWI Drug Court Intervention and Treatment Program. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the program’s success. Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation Board President was in attendance to share his thoughts and to recognize the drug court team for their continued success!


Special thanks to the office of Andrew Haggerty for documenting the photograph featured above of Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation Board President Jose Montoya and the photograph featured below of those in attendance.


Below is a photo of recognition plaques for members of the El Paso DWI Drug Court team from the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation.


Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation

Light of Recovery Podcast #3

This month we’re kicking off the new year and the Light of Recovery Podcast #3 with Ernesto Valdez, a recent graduate of the DWI Drug Court Intervention & Treatment Program and a champion of recovery in the El Paso community. You can listen to the podcast in its entirety on the Light of Recovery podcast Soundcloud page at soundcloud.com/recoveryelpaso. This month’s podcast also features a special outro of an audio recording that holds special significance to Mr. Valdez’s recovery story. To learn more visit our blog or check out the details on Soundcloud!