TFAD Entrepreneurship

Our Mantra                                                  "Opportunity makes a difference. As a young professional, you must carry yourself with the utmost professionalism. Have conviction with everything you set out to accomplish while exceeding expectations and always lead with the work first."

Business Concept Development
Business Plan Development & Creation
Assistance Obtaining Business Credentials
Assistance In Identifying Small Business Grant/Loan Opportunities
Higher education opportunities
Build lifelong personal & professional relationships



Are you ready to peruse your dreams and hand craft your way to becoming a success entrepreneur? The TFAD entrepreneurial learning program will prepare you to create and execute a business plan. We understand that there is a need for more entrepreneurs to start businesses that will provide these employment opportunities. Through our unique blend of on the job training and entrepreneurial learning, our students learn the intricacies of startups & small business ownership while developing leadership qualities, critical thinking skills, and an understanding of value propositions. We are not just building tomorrow’s workforce, we are creating tomorrow’s leaders that will create opportunities for other.


  • Willingness to show up

  • Eagerness to learn

  • Exceptional work ethic

  • Desire to be an entrepreneur/business owner