Our Mission

Reducing The Skilled Trades Gap Through Minority Inclusion.


As baby boomers retire from the skilled trades, there are increasingly more vacant job positions available within the construction industry. Estimates say that by 2024, there will be millions of unfilled skilled trades jobs.

Historically, there has not been a large group of minority representation within the upper echelon of the construction industry as industry leaders. Trades for a Difference aims to change that narrative through our jobs skills training and entrepreneurial learning programs. Our goal is to reduce the skilled trades gap through minority inclusion.


Ultimately, we strive to be a resource that provides opportunities for young men and women of color to take part in lucrative career paths throughout the skilled trades industry. Whether it’s joining the TFAD construction team, higher construction education or acceptance into a local union, we are there every step of the way for all of the students and alumni that come through our program.

Trades for a Difference Graduation Ceremony May 2019

Trades for a Difference Graduation Ceremony May 2019