Mural Arts Collaboration


Screenshot 2018-05-06 22.07.05.png

Empowerment Mural
Slated to begin being commissioned in June 2018


We’ve designated this Mural as an empowerment Piece for the community! This Mural is a stance of solidarity. We stand in solidarity with the beautiful young black girl depicted in the mural. She is beautiful in her existence and in spite of her obstacles and barriers, she is brave,resilient, and strong. We stand in solidarity with the young black man depicted in the mural. We support his vision and belief that he is a superhero because he truly is! In order to excel and rise from difficult circumstances it’s imperative that we embody the belief that we are exceptional.

This mural is a visual affirmation in the belief that we can become anything we set out to become, a superhero, doctor, lawyer, electrician, or even the next Mayor of Philadelphia.

In a neighborhood which is commonly hailed as the first melting pot of America, where we have representation of all ethnicities and creeds, we stand in solidarity.This empowerment mural is a beacon of hope and positivity while representing a stance against oppression and hatred.

Through education, community empowerment , and the distribution of resources, we can build this generation to be the future leaders of tomorrow that they truly are. Together, we can build a brighter future and better tomorrows